Hard Drive

Branded landing page for the Hard Drive sub-brand
+ multi-site navigation, 2019


As the Hard Times video game focused sub-brand Hard Drive has grown, the need for a distinct landing page experience and category navigation became apparent as the brand attracts its own followers separate from the parent Hard Times brand.

See it live


  • UI Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Competetive Analysis

Press Start to Begin

Re-using the same template as the Hard Times homepage, I customized the code to conditionally show the Hard Drive logo and category navigation when viewing posts or sub-categories tagged as Hard Drive. The layout was updated to show only Hard Drive categories and colours keeping readers within the Hard Drive experience.

The customized Hard Drive landing page

The Hard Times Network

In order to give readers the option to discover or navigate to other parts of the site, an easy way to navigate between sections was needed.

After some research to see how other news sites handle similar situations and keeping in mind the potential to add more down categories and content down the road, we arrived at a solution of adding a tabbed navigation bar to the top of the page.


  1. Hard Drive now has its own branded landing page experience to point to for marketing campaigns and community building.
  2. Readers wishing to navigate through the Hard Times network of sites can now do so easily through the tabbed navigation at the very top of the page.