Brands Menu

Redesign, early 2018

The Problem

The previous “Brands” drop down in the sitewide navigation was cluttered and did not have enough real estate to show all available brands or add new logos.

Data showed that most customers would click on the “Shop all Brands” link showing that they weren’t finding what they wanted in the menu. "Brands" menu in early 2017

The Solution

  • Based on competitive analysis we identified a better navigation pattern that would provide a comparable experience to other large e-commerce retailers.
  • Top brands would be showcased via logos at the top of each tab, with more brands available through alphabetically sorted text links below.
  • By including both logos and text, we provided multiple options for users depending on their familiarity with the brand or what visual cues they scan for, and the solution was scalable to easily add new brands.

Wireframe of the proposed new Brands menu

Redesigned Brands menu on