Sony a6400

Product launch on Sony Brand store, 2018


In late 2018 Sony launched the latest addition to their mirrorless APS-C camera line, the a6400. In order to support the launch and give customers an opportunity to learn about the new camera, we updated the mirrorless cameras page in their brand store on


  • Research
  • Wireframes
  • Digital Design
  • Front-end Development


  • Worked with stakeholders to identify and gather requirements
  • Defined customer journey and what key content would be of interest to customers about the new Sony a6400 camera
  • Wireframed page layout
  • Sourced assets and created graphic elements
  • Proofs for Vendor approvals
  • Execute and deploy


This page was designed for the legacy desktop site only.

The new a6400 as seen on the Sony Mirrorless cameras page.